Have you noticed a problem with your cooling system or your vehicle’s radiator and wanted to take it to an auto mechanic? Then H-Tek Auto Care of Johnson City and Gray ought to be your first stop for auto repair. Our crew of qualified auto mechanics knows that a cooling system and radiator are critical to how your engine stays cool. You can trust that our team will help both you and your car keep your cool! 

Your car’s radiator helps to keep the engine at the right temperature. Have you ever seen a car pulled over on a long uphill with steam coming out of the engine and exasperated people standing over it? That’s something we hope never happens to you. And the moments leading up to an engine overheating can be filled with anxiety, too, as the temperature gauge climbs along with stress levels. If you enlist H-Tek Auto Care as your ally in the Johnson City and Gray region, you can stop worrying so much about your cooling system or radiator. 

If you suspect an issue with your cooling system or radiator, H-Tek Auto Care can coddle your car with auto repair. Our trusted auto mechanics know exactly what to do to keep your cooling system or radiator running the way they should. Listen to what the people of Johnson City and Gray say about the services offered at H-Tek Auto Care: 

“Fantastic service and very thorough staff that take the time to diagnose the problem correctly the first time. Great experience with my mdx. Will be back.” -- Christie H.

If your cooling system or radiator is giving you problems, give H-Tek Auto Care a call today! We sincerely want to help you with your auto repair. We want to be your first choice for auto repair in the Johnson City and Gray area and want you to experience fantastic service just like Christie H. Schedule an appointment today for cooling system/radiator service, or stop by H-Tek Auto Repair at 5882 Bobby Hicks Hwy., Gray, TN 37615.

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